The Climbnacket

The climbnacket is a sloth like creature that feeds off of bugs and berries.  It is slow climbing off of trees because there are no predators that can eat it.  It is able to jump.  It’s six legs / arms enables it to climb better and it also can dig for grub like creatures.  It […]

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The Pingaloaf

A Pingaloaf is a vertebrate herbivore.  As we know all land vertebrates on this planet have six legs.  This creature is no different.  It feeds off of grass, moss and zolo leaves.  This creature has lots of predators, like the sicklesack and the natcrawliosaur but it can run fast.  It has hoofs and strong legs.  It […]

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The Wheelix

A Wheelix is a wheel like creatures that are like the centipedes of Eura.  They are omnivores and eat food through the mouths on their feet.  They are in fact a highly derived invertebrate group known us the sufferstonies. There are lots of species of Wheelix.  Wheel’s feed off of moss, small worms, and small […]

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Free Crawlers

Free crawlers are decomposers of Eura.  They are small mite like creatures with eight legs.  Free crawlers are highly territorial and have strangely different casts.  The consumer, the most common, and the normal one.  Consumers can become any other type of cast.  They consume poo, rotting corpses, decomposing leaves, dead plants and other things like […]

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The Hive Crawler

Here’s my first creature of the forest.  The Hive Crawler lives in hives that are connected to tree bark and made out of silk. Let me talk about the class system and the life cycle.  First class, drones.  Drones search for food like essa worms and nugga bugs.  Second class, warrior and hunters.  Warriors hunt […]

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