The ectoweed

The ectoweed is a worm like plant that has small flaps on its side to help it swim.  It has three light sensitive organs on the front which use a different species of the bacteria I described in the swinging weed.  They usually swim or lie around to photosynthesis.  When in danger they move quite […]

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The Zulacin Virus

The Zulacin Virus is a slightly deadly disease on Eura.  It is normally found in the Akatree biome.  It infects birds and mammals.  It causes yellow circle shaped scars to emerge on its host and hair loss.  Minor bloating comes after two weeks.  After this coughing rapidly increases, vomiting starts two weeks later, now there […]

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Globoids are small primitive colonies of bacteria found all across Eura.  They live underwater.  The colonies shape is a hemisphere, surrounding the hemisphere a circle of bacteria is found.  They are mostly made up of the same species of bacteria.  Depending on which species of Globoids they are they can have many different colours.  According to […]

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Sting Worms

Sting worms are a species of worms that are in the same group as the sponge worm.  There are around eight centimetres and length and five centimetres in width.  They feed off of bacteria, plankton and the occassional small bits of nutrients falling into the water.  And bugs.  They have a lot of predators.  In […]

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The swinging weed

The swinging weed is a central nervous system plant that has developed into a starfish like shape with eight legs or arms.  They are able to swim and climb.  They a primitive head eye on their centre, which makes them one of the most successful nervous system plants.  They communicate through chirping noises.  Which they […]

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The Nooken Barnicle

The Nooken Barnicle is a barnacle like life form which lives at the bottom of the Akatree biome. It has a tongue which is 8 cm long.  It is used for catching prey like fish , microbes and bugs that have fallen to this level. They breed sexually through their tongue which is both a […]

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The Essen Heads

The Essen Heads are currently extinct in our galaxy but according to evidence they have moved to the andromeda galaxy.  They had complete dominance of Eura at one point.  The colonised Eura a billion years ago.  This rein lasted for a billion years to 30 million years ago.  They have a slug like body and […]

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