History of the GUN

The GUN stands for Galactic untied nations.  It evolved from the UN which has undergone name change in it’s history.  60% of the GUN is human colonised space and the rest is a few other alien races, including the first race that made contact with humans.  One of it’s ex-members is Galaxian.  After Galaxian left […]

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Zacken nitnit

The Zacken nitwit is an elephant like creature that lives in the unified forest biome.  It eats fruit that grow in the unified forest and uses it trunks to grab the high reaching tasty ones.  It is quite common and is in fact the only creature on Eura that has been tamed.  Tamed by the GUN […]

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Sky Jellyfish

Sky Jellyfish are jellyfish like creatures but instead of the top being a ballon it has small wings used for flying which is mainly used for steering.  There is air sacks in the wings causing it to float.  They normally bred in the unified forest.  They lay Sky Jellyfish pods.  Sky Jellyfish pods contain the larval […]

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The X-O Ridden

The X-O Ridden is a marsupial like creature that climbs trees and also replicates quite fast.  It is one of the biggest species of the northern unified forests.  They are also parasites in their early stages of life.  Feeding off of the tree before becoming carnivorous and starting to eat smaller climbing creatures.  They have […]

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The awakened Slumberers

There were ten known awakened Slumberers.  They are named Zac-coofunix, Nac-crowsis, Zellilifa4, these are the ones we know the names of.  Most of them refused to tell there names.  How do you wonder how we were able to communicate with them.  We used an AI to figure out what patterns represented which word.  Here are some […]

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