The Zargornods

A zargornod is a small rat like creature that has powerful claws to dig through the ice in the artic biome.  They live in small colonies.  They have a queen and warriors and drones.  They protect bird from the Zelick Bird by going back to the colony or digging a small hole.  The colony is made […]

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The Zelick Bird

The Zelick bird is a white bird that feeds off of frost fish and zargornods, a rat like creature.  They are migratory.  When it is winter they migrate to the equator where they lay eggs and raise their young, which will fly with their parents to the north or south pole.  They grow up and […]

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Fan Art Contest

This is a fan art contest, the first fan art contest to see how big the Eura community is currently.  First, don’t draw any non-cannocial thing.  Secondly, it must be inspired by Eura or a creature or corporation, or a planet, or your interpretations of a planet any other thing.  You can use medium, i.e. […]

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The frost weed

The frost weed are small plants that live under the ice, using the little light they have to photosynthesis.  They live for around two years before dying.  They reproduce quite fast. They are very big, around 10 meters and they quickly grow.  Here’s how their lifecycle works.  First they grow pods which detach and burst […]

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The frost fish

The frost fish is a fish that is around the size of a carp.  It’s part of the Canic Group which is related to the first vertebrates to come to land, meaning it has six fins.  It feeds of plankton and the norbis bulb.  They are quite common and they have a quite interesting life […]

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