Desert tripods

The desert tripods are in the X- Otian Group.  They have developed the ability to jump.  It saves on energy and most tripods have evolved to use this as their main means of transportation.  They have been seen to produce complex packs, similar to wolf packs.  They are mostly carnivorous but some species are omnivorous. […]

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The Navutoos, the main ally of humans in galactic politics.  They are insect like creatures with six legs and two arms.  They have a head that can enter their shell, which is an adapted exo skeleton.  They have three slits on their mouth.  They have colonised their entire solar system and have a large interstellar empire. […]

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Desert Drakon

The Desert Drakon is related to the large dragon but has migrated to the desert biome due to the minor mass extinction event four million years ago.  They have adapted a yellow skin to blend in with the sand.  The ability to store water and other nutrients in a small newly developed organ that has been […]

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Desert Wheelix

The Desert Wheelix is a unique type of Wheelix.  Due to the deserts dry climate many adaptions in species of Desert Wheelix have emerged.  There is even a type of desert wheelix that has learnt to fly.  Others are larger and more like tiny camels.  Some larval forms of Wheelixs, aka Screwlixs have evolved to be more […]

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Gamma research robots

Gamma research robots are barely artificially intelligent robots that were used for research.  They are produced by the Zeda Robotics company.  They are based on the meka droid model which has wheels, unlike the two legs and humanoid body of the Gamma research robot line.  They have multiple arms for doing specific research like biological sampling, […]

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Desert Biome

The dry deserts of Eura.  We have already discussed the rock deserts.  Now lets discuss the normal deserts.  The sand is yellow, like on Earth.  There are also photosynthetic plankton that lives in the sand.  They are purple in dense amounts and in small regions it can create purple slimy sand.  Rainfall is quite rare. […]

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Essen Head Ruins

The Essen Head ruins are divided into type, and the designs are put in eras.  Era one, the first Eurian colonisation, a billion years ago to 800 million years ago.  Types of buildings.  Cities; cities at this point in Essen Head history were cylindrical in design, they were mostly made out of cylindrical buildings with […]

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