The Nax Weed

The Nax weed is a common plant in the volcanic planes biome.  It uses wind to carry it’s seeds and lives for about 1 year before it dies.  When it reaches adulthood it starts growing flowers and releases seeds out of the fertilised flowers.  Tiny little bacterial organisms fertilise the flowers and pollinate other flowers […]

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The Essex Worm

The Essex worm is related to the giant jungle worm.  It eats the equal of 10 cows per day.  It starts it’s lifecycle as an egg.  The egg hatches into a sulphur feeding worm.  Then over 10 years it develops into the adult form.  It has developed a beak like mouth to help dig it’s […]

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The Volcanic Planes

The Volcanic Planes are mostly found in the inner parts of Death Land and Naqulion.   The Volcanic Planes biome is filled with volcanos and plants that have adapted to the high sulphur environment.  Creatures that graze on these plants have developed hard shells to protect themselves from falling rocks.  And the predators have developed razor sharp […]

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Omega Droid Lifecycle Contest

This contest is about making the lifecycle of the omega droid.  Here are the rules.  No inappropriate things.  No joke submissions, unless they break out in the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.  No more than two joke submissions can be made.  Make your lifecycle as similar to the alien or any other […]

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The Awakened Slumbers (Part 2)

Let’s go straight to the conversations.  Here is the conversation with Specimen 4.  “What is your name?” Specimen 4 replies with “I am Nac-crowsis.”  “Where did you work?” Specimen 4 replied “Naclan Company, it was big, it produced robotics, medicine, nano technology and advanced bio-technology and biological experiments.”  “Were you part of the creation of omega droid?” “Yes, […]

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Planetary Exploration plc

The Planetary Exploration plc is the second greatest rival to the Alaforn Incorporated.  They sell exploration spaceships and fund space programmes and exploration based things.  They built their own probes and exploration ships.  They created the “God Machine”.   If you want to learn more about the God Machine read the timeline below; 2100; the plc […]

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