Giant Funupolope

Giant Funupolope is similar to snails on Earth.  It has a hard shell, no legs and it uses slime to move.  They are the size of a small Pug.  They feed off of jungle biome leaves, ferns and bone to make their shell.  They live in the jungle biome.  They are hermaphrodites, both female and […]

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Diseases of Eura

There are many diseases on planet Eura.  Bacteria and viruses cause them as well as other things, like the metamorphic air plankton.  The zantraliss virus is a virus that is similar to the common cold, it is deadly to humans but not deadly to the native life of Eura.  Bacteria causes zaralitus, it infects the […]

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Sky Whales

A sky whale is a oval shaped creature that has a biological ballon that makes up most of it’s body.  And underneath there are tentacles of steering and feeding.  The feeding tentacles that are at the front and the steering tentacles which are at the back, front and in the middle.  It small blood sucking […]

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Jungle Biome

The jungle biome is much warmer and has more rain than the forrest biome.  As a result there are giant trees, large mushrooms, lots of insects and a complex food chain.  There are amphibians, they are one of the most common creatures of the jungle biome.  They mainly feed off of bugs, worms and protozalins. […]

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Air Plankton

Air plankton are found all across Eura’s air from the ocean biome to the volcanic biome.  Here are the different types.  There are the air plant air plankton.  These are basically small unicellular plant like creatures.  Then there is the ammonite type which stays as an air plankton all of it’s life as an animal […]

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The Flike

The flike is a bird of Eura.  It feeds off of bugs and worms and small rat like creatures.  It makes nests at the tops of the trees to defend itself from predators, like the ballonic.  And the nicofawnhead and swarm air plankton.  The Flike lives in the air plankton forest biome.

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River Tube Shark

A River Tube Shark.  You wonder how  Tube Sharks propel themselves.  They use a tube.  They use water through the tube to shoot water out of the other end causing them to move.  The River Tube Shark feeds off of small river fish.  They normally guard Skrewlixes because they feed off of things that get stuck on their […]

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