The Cranoid

The cranoid is a salamander like amphibian with webbed feet and a long tongue which is uses to catch small bugs and small fish.  The tongue is also used to communicate through bioluminescence.  When it is orange it means there is lots of food here.  When it is blue it means its starting to flood […]

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Swamp Biome

The swamp biome is filled with odd trees and bugs and other unique life forms that have thrived here for millions of years.  There were a few variations of this biome, the dried up swamp biome has only a few water bits left and most of it is either dead or dying.  Then there is […]

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Christmas in the Eura Universe

Christmas in the Eura Universe is quite different.  There is no longer santa or elves but there are christmas trees and presents.  Christmas trees are still the same pine trees from earth, some people have decided to use other similar looking trees.  Santa has been replaced by XO Nikeen, he is basically santa but a […]

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The aquatic ice parasite

The aquatic ice parasite is a ten centimetre long creature with a weird tentacle mouth, the tentacles elongate to 2 centimetres.  BTW the 10 centimetre thing does not include the tentacle mouth.  They are bluish white in colouration, they don’t have any fins except for a primitive pectoral fin.  Here is how they act, first […]

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The children of the seven suns

The children of the seven suns is a cult that spans the Alof sector and some parts of the anarchy sector, known as anarchy sector 9B76.  Here is their beliefs, the believe they were created a technologically advanced race that came from another universe called the Garfields.  Because it has been so long Garfield comics […]

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The biopods

The biopod is basically a round object, with a stomach and tentacles at it’s mouth which is at the bottom.  It uses it’s tentacles to catch air plankton and small insects.  They glow with different colours depending on the environment.  Blue means feeding of resting.  Orange means defensive, so it’s starts using it’s tentacles to […]

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